Terms of use


1.1 The services offered on this site representatives SystemIP, hereafter referred to as Performer, being referred to as the Service.
1.2 Natural and legal persons, which provided the above services, being referred to as clients.
1.3 This Agreement (the Agreement) is in the nature of a public offer, that is the equivalent of "verbal agreement" and therefore has a proper legal force.
1.4 By registering in the Personal Area (see para. 3.1), the Customer confirms its full introduction and acceptance of the terms of this Agreement.


2.1 On the basis of this Agreement, the Customer assigns and the Contractor undertakes to provide the Client rented by the server / virtual server.
2.2 The Customer undertakes to accept and pay for the services provided by the Contractor in the manner and subject to the conditions defined by this Agreement according to the current pay rates specified in the Dashboard.


3.1 Ordering and registration is done by the Customer via the My Account.
3.2 During registration client is obliged to indicate their real data, fill in all mandatory fields.
3.3 Services to be paid by the Client of the Personal Cabinet on their own, except when the manual payment.
3.4 All services are provided on the basis of 100% prepayment.
3.5 For the payment manually, the Customer must contact the department on work with clients and agree on the procedure for payment.
3.6 In the absence of payment for the next period, a virtual or dedicated server is blocked.
3.7 Once locked, the image of the virtual server, and the data on the disk is stored in a dedicated server within 2 days. After this time, data is destroyed.
3.8 Payment period after blocking starts from the date of the lock, and not from the date of the new payment.
3.9 In any refund will be denied if the termination of service due to violation of rules set out by the Customer in the offer.


4.1 If a separate agreement with the Client otherwise stated, all delivered by dedicated servers and VPS services are provided without administration.
4.2 SystemIP Client is obliged to provide access to the server via SSH with the rights root (OS Linux) or via RDP (Remote Desktop) with the rights of Administrator (for Microsoft Windows). After the first successful client connection, all the duties SystemIP Administration Server software deemed to be met in full. All further administration server, the client performs its own.
4.3 Area of ​​responsibility SystemIP limited to addressing the work of the server component ("hardware") and the decision of network problems (not related to setting up a separate server software).

5. LOCK dedicated and virtual servers.

5.1 The Contractor reserves the right to disconnect (to ascertain the circumstances or the cause of the lock) the client's server in case of violation of these rules:
5.1.1 Provisions for services.
5.1.2 Spam in all its manifestations.
5.1.3 Entering the IP address of the server in the black list.
5.1.4 Participation in the outgoing DoS / DDoS attacks. 5.1.5 Placement of open proxy, open VPN, other public services.
5.1.6 The spread of viruses or malicious code.
5.1.7 Phishing.
5.1.8 Customer's deliberate actions that interfere with the normal operation of other servers and network nodes, the other customers.
5.1.9 virtual servers prohibited the allocation of resources to high bandwidth consumption.
5.1.10 The intensity of the incoming DDoS attack on the client's server, which prevents the normal operation of the network.
5.1.11 Use of Contractor's services for any unlawful purposes.
5.1.12 Incorrect communication with employees of the Contractor, including rudeness, use not normative lexicon threats.
5.1.13 Complaints about the content of Copywriting and other organizations.
5.1.14 Placing calls for the overthrow of the constitutional order.
5.1.15 Placing calls to violation of territorial integrity.
5.1.16 Placing calls for war propaganda.
5.1.17 Placing calls to the incitement of racial, national or religious hatred.
5.1.18 Placing calls to commit terrorist acts ...
5.1.19 Placing information cruelty, violence, pornography, cynicism, humiliation of human dignity and honor.
5.2 In the case of a server exclusively for unlawful purposes listed above, the service will be canceled and the payment for the unused period is not returned.


6.1 The Agreement shall enter into force on the date of registration of the Customer Dashboard.
6.2 Termination of the Agreement shall be deemed terminated by the Client use of services provided by the Contractor, or failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement.


7.1 Refund, returns or exchanges request are accepted up to 7 days from the date of placing the Order with Webmoney Personal WM-Passport.


8.1 If you no longer require hosting with us, we'd ask that you please contact us. This way we can terminate the accounts that aren't in use.

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